Student-managed Endowment for Educational Development

Recommended Reading

Although no prior experience or knowledge is required in order to apply to SEED, we recommend the following books as excellent reads for both finance and life.

Book Genres

Daily/Weekly Readings

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Bloomberg
  • CNBC
  • Dealbook: NY Times Daily Email
  • Seeking Alpha Daily Email “Wall Street Breakfast: Must know news”
  • PIMCO Insights
  • Blackrock Investment Outlooks
  • Various other Investment commentaries, outlooks, and perspectives


  • The Big Short (Michael Lewis) – Provides an excellent overview of the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Boomerang (Michael Lewis) – Gives color on how the 2008 financial crisis affected several other countries and profiles how they each had their hand in creating their own financial crisis.
  • Liar’s Poker (Michael Lewis) – Essentially a “for entertainment” read that takes a look into the Wall Street experience and lifestyle from Lewis’ perspective.


  • Random Walk Down Wall Street (Burton G. Malkiel) – Explains several interesting financial crashes and theories.  Although SEED doesn’t believe the market is completely random, this book serves as an important ego check.
  • The Intelligent Investor (Warren Buffet Intro, Benjamin Graham Author) – An excellent basis for understanding stocks and bonds from the fundamental perspective.  Though a very lengthy and sometime dry read, the book serves as the essential building block for investors worldwide.
  • The Practical Guide to Wall Street (Matthew Tagliani) – Provides a background on various financial assets and explains the business of Sales & Trading
  • Investment Banking (Joshua Rosenbaum & Joshua Pearl) – Rosenbaum & Pearl’s take on investment banking is an essential read for anyone looking to learn about valuation (comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, or LBO) as well as those interested in a career in investment banking.


  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie) – If SEED only could recommend one book, this would be it.  How to Win Friends will teach you how to interact with anyone and will enhance your potential to succeed in various aspects of life.


  • Good to Great (Jim Collins) – A fantastic book which profiles various companies who made the change from good to great while explaining various characteristics each company exuded and how to apply them.